Episode 4: From The Pen Show – Double Broad, Double Feature!

The podcasting closet! Photo by Doug Beal

Together at last! We met up at the Atlanta Pen Show to talk to some amazing creative friends, and try to figure out what a creative community means to us.

You can stream the episode or subscribe in your regular podcast service.

Stuff that comes up:
The Atlanta Pen Show
Jonathon Brooks and the Carolina Pen Company
Nakaya Pens
Stylo Art
Matthew Morse, HeyMatthew
Brad Dowdy – NockCo, The Pen Addict blog, The Pen Addict podcast
Ana Reinert – The WellAppointed Desk, shop
The Art Supply Posse podcast
Hallmark’s famous pansy Thinking of You card
Cakes On Hudson
Julia’s tree
Tiff’s triangles
Pay It Forward
The Pen Addict episode 253 from the 2017 Pen Show, where Jonathon tells his story


2 reaktioner till “Episode 4: From The Pen Show – Double Broad, Double Feature!

  1. Just wanted to say how much I love your podcast! I love that you talk about the struggles of doing art and making, instead of just talking about success. I find that a lot of art and craft focused podcasts leave me feeling jealous, and then guilty about being jealous, but this one leaves me inspired. Thank you so much! Please keep it up!



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