Episode 12: Paint With All the Colors of, You Know


There is no reason to stop asking people what their favorite color is, right? It turns out Tiff and Julia have the same one – but we also talk a lot about all sorts of colors and how color theory, -psychology, -philosophy, and -blindness might work.

You can stream the episode or subscribe in your regular podcast service.

Stuff that comes up:

What color was the sky before the word”blue” existed – an article
Fewer words for colors means that men ”see” fewer colors – one article (and some suggest it actually is perception)
I Love Hue
Black-and-white yarn trick – some examples
The Addams Family set was pink (not the Munsters, sorry)
Sam Chapman’s ”black-and-white tutorial”
Still Processing podcast about the Obama Portraits
Beyoncé’s Vogue cover photographer
Pantone’s color of the year 2018 (and previous years)
Millennial pink – Guardian article
The Devil Wears Prada blue sweater scene
Orange and turquoise in movies (and some more poster info)
Colorblindness glasses from EnChroma and some video examples ,
Quora on why don’t superheroes wear purple



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